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Stephan Joppich
2 min readJun 7, 2021

Hey there!

My name’s Stephan Joppich, and I’m an engineer turned writer. (Fun fact: I used to write under the pen name Leo Sharp. If you’re interested in why I embraced my “real” name, you can check out this story.)

The golden thread that runs through my work is the question, “How can we live a more intentional, fulfilled life?” My search has led me to these current focal points:

  • Minimalism: How to create a simpler life for daily contentment.
  • Loneliness: How to handle the terror of social isolation and harness the power of connection.
  • Philosophy: How ancient wisdom can help us overcome everyday problems.

I want to ensure your reading time is an investment to help you live a simpler, more connected life. That’s why all my articles are easy to read, fact-based, and rooted in timeless principles. Every piece I write contains an atom of my soul.

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Thanks for reading. I truly appreciate your support.



Stephan Joppich

Engineer turned philosophy student • I write about loneliness, minimalism, and books that changed my life • More food for thought →